This is your most complete source of regional river recreation info – from maps and water levels to boat launch amenities and scenic riverscape photographs. River Friends continues to work to make the Chemung River and its tributaries more accessible, safer and enjoyable.

Click on one of the boat launch sites (below) to help plan your next paddle or fishing trip on our scenic rivers. Be safe. Be smart. Have fun.

Sayre Boat LaunchWhite Wagon Boat LaunchTozer's Landing Boat LaunchToll Bridge Park Boat LaunchDunn Field Boat LaunchGrove Street Boat LaunchFitches Bridge Boat LaunchSen. William T. Smith Boat Launch at Minier’sRiver Road Boat LaunchCohocton Street - City of CorningBottcher's Landing Boat LaunchLindley Boat LaunchAddison Boat LaunchMulholland Bridge Boat LaunchRathbone Boat LaunchKinsella Park Boat LaunchCameron Mills Boat LaunchCampbell Boat Launch - Wood RoadCanisteo Rotary Park Boat LaunchBath Boat Launch - County Route 11

Sites are open everyday - Spring until Fall. Click launch site name in below list for details.

Addison Boat Launch (Canisteo River)
Afton DEC (Susquehanna)
Armstrong Road (Chenango)
Ball Flats Park (Chenango)
Barton Park (Susquehanna)
Basset Rd. Access
Bath Boat Launch - County Route 11 (Cohocton River)
Blodget Mills (Tioughnioga)
Bottcher's Landing Boat Launch (Chemung River)
Bridgewater/ Rt. 20 (Unadilla)
Bridgewater/Camp Rd. (Unadilla)
Brookfield/ S.Sangerfield (Sangerfield)
Butternuts Bridge (Unadilla)
Cameron Mills Boat Launch - Route 110 Bridge (Canisteo River)
Campbell Boat Launch - Wood Road (Cohocton River)
Canisteo Rotary Park Boat Launch (Canisteo River)
Cannon Hole/ Barton Landing (Susquehanna)
Canoe/Kayak Rental & Sales S. Cooperstown
Chenango Bridge (Chenango)
Chenango Forks DEC (Chenango)
Cohocton Street - City of Corning (Chemung River)
Collersville/ Goodyear Lake Bridge (Susquehanna)
Compton Bridge (Susquehanna)
Crumhorn Pond/ Susquehanna State Forest
Dorchester Park
Dunn Field Boat Launch (Chemung River)
E. Poolville (Sangerfield)
Earlville/ Carpenter Rd. (Sangerfield)
Edmeston Carr Farm (Unadilla)
Edmeston DEC ( Unadilla)
Emmons, I-81 exit 16 (Susquehanna)
Fitch's Bridge Boat Launch (Chemung River)
Gates Rd. Vestal (Susquehanna)
General Clinton Park (Susquehanna)
Great bend Municipal Access (Susquehanna River)
Grippen Park Endicott (Susquehanna)
Grove Street Boat Launch (Chemung River)
Hallstead Fishing Access (Susquehanna River)
Harold Moore Park (Susquehanna)
Hickories Park (Susquehanna)
Holmesville Closed Bridge (Unadilla)
Hubbardsville/Canaan Campground (Sangerfield)
Kinsella Park Boat Launch (Canisteo River)
Kirkwood Veterans River Park (Susquehanna)
Kiwanis Park Norwich (Chenango)
Leonardsville- Center street Bridge
Light House Landing (Tioughnioga)
Lindley Boat Launch (Tioga River)
Lisle, Rt.79 bridge (Tioughnioga)
Marshland Rd./Hiawatha Island (Susquehanna)
Milford/ rt.166 Bridge
Mount Upton Fishing Access (Susquehanna River)
Mt. Upton DEC (Unadilla)
Mulholland Bridge Boat Launch (Tioga River)
N, Otselic Finger Lakes Trail Intersect (Otselic)
N. Earlville/ Nower Rd. Bridge (Chenango)
N. Hubbardsville/Wickwire Rd. (Sangerfield)
N. Leonardsville/ Skaneatles turnpike
N. Marathon American Leigion (Tioughnioga)
N. New Berlin DEC
N. Poolville/ Cranston Rd. Bridge (Sangerfield)
N. Randallsville/Carey Road
N. Shurburne/ Rt. 12B Bridge (Sangerfield)
New Berlin NAPA (Unadilla)
Ninevah DEC Access (Susquehanna River)
Nineveh Canoe Rental/Enchanted Gardens
Nineveh DEC (Susquehanna)
North Norwich (Chenango)
North Pitcher (Otselic)
North pitcher- South Otselic (Otselic)
Norwich Plaza, Route 320 bridge (Chenango)
Oakland PA Access (Susquehanna)
Otego/ Wells Bridge (Susquehanna)
Otsego Lake (Susquehanna)
Otsego Manner/ Phoenix Mill Bridge (Susquehanna)
Otselic DEC (Otselic)
Ouaquaga Bridge DEC (Susquehanna)
Oxford (Chenango)
Pine Crest Campground (Susquehanna)
Pitcher Access (Otselic)
Poolville/ Camp Fiver (Sangerfield)
Port Dickinson Community Park (Chenango)
Portlandville (Susquehanna)
Rathbone Boat Launch - Route 21 (Canisteo River)
River Blvd. Conklin (Susquehanna)
River Plaza/ Binghamton-Vestal Line (Susquehanna)
River Road Boat Launch - Corning (Chemung River)
Riverview Park Endicott (Susquehanna)
Rockdale Fishing Access (Susquehanna River)
Rockwell Mills (Unadilla)
Rt. 201 Bridge, Vestal (Susquehanna)
Rt.201 Bridge, Johnson City (Susquehanna)
S. Earlville/ Coyle Rd. (Sangerfield)
S. Edmeston Chiobani Factory (Unadilla)
S. New Berlin DEC (Unadilla)
S. Nineveh (Susquehanna)
S. Nineveh / Centervillage Loop Rd. (Susquehanna)
S. Norwich Rt. 12 & 32B bridge (Chenango)
S. Otselic (Otselic)
S. Oxford (Chenango)
S.Windsor (Susquehanna)
Salisbury's Campground
Sandy Beach Park (Susquehanna)
Sayre Boat Launch (Susquehanna River)
Schnerbush Park (Susquehanna)
Sen. William T. Smith Boat Launch at Minierís (Chemung River)
Sherburne (Chenango)
Sidney Fishing Access
Sidney Rt.7 Bridge
Sidney/Mt. Upton (Unadilla)
Silliman Cove (Susquehanna)
Sullivan Park (Susquehanna)
Susquehanna Municipal Access (Susquehanna River)
Tall Pines Campground&Canoe Rental (Unadilla)
Taylor (Otselic)
Taylor-Cincinnatus (Otselic)
Tioga Downs (Susquehanna)
Toll Bridge Park Boat Launch (Chemung River)
Tozer's Landing Boat Launch (Chemung River)
Truxton (Tioughnioga)
Turkey Woods Road Access (Susquehanna)
Unadilla DEC (Susquehanna)
Unadilla Forks/Brookfield (Unadilla)
Upper Lisle Singing Bridge (Otselic)
Valley View Drive Bridge, Apalachin (Susquehanna)
Village of Bainbridge Public Works (Susquehanna)
Village of Marathon Lovell Field (Tioughnioga)
Virgil Rt. 392 Bridge (Tioughnioga)
W. Edmeston
W. Oneonta, I-81 exit 13 (Susquehanna)
Washington Street Bridge Binghamton (Susquehanna)
Wells Bridge (Susquehanna)
White Store (Unadilla)
White Wagon Boat Launch (Chemung River)
Whitney Point Rt. 206 Bridge (Tioughnioga)
Willet DEC Access
Yaman Park
Yello Lantern Camp Ground

More Boat Launch Maps at Paddling Guide to the Susquehanna River Watershed

Water colors of boat launches by Jennifer Fais, Corning,