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On the trail

River Stop

Clinton Island and the Chase-Hibbard Dam downstream of Walnut Street Bridge

Grove Street boat launch, downtown Elmira. Most visited launch on the river

Dunn Field baseball stadium near Chemung River on Elmira's Southside

Paddlers clean tires and trash from the river in West Elmira

Beautiful day for a paddle

River vista looking South from West Elmira

Caring for our river beautiful

Views, exercise and nature on the water

Nature's leafy picture frame

Danger. Never walk on or fish from the dam. Where is your life vest?

River fun for the whole family

Canoe-to-canoe river meeting

The river's noble sentry

Even dogs know enough to wear life vests

Earth, sky and water

Fishing in nature's beauty

Fishing downstream of the Elmira dam

Water over the dam

The railroad bridge and gull island rookery in downtown Elmira

Flowing beauty

Spring river beauty

Fall river grandeur

Serene water

Green beauty

She'll be back.

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