Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission guides our values.

River Cleanup

Our Mission

The mission of the FCRW is to protect the Chemung River Watershed while promoting the responsible recreational enjoyment of its waterways and riverbanks.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where the natural beauty and health of the river’s ecosystem is valued and maintained by students, the community, and the regional policy makers; and where the public enjoys regular outdoor recreation on the river and riverside trails supported by local infrastructure and regional business.

Our Guiding Values

Community & Quality of Life
  • Rivers that are used frequently make it easier for businesses to attract and keep employees and help keep people invested in these areas.
  • Rivers account for much of the world's drinking water and feed biodiversity and agriculture.
  • Rivers attract tourists and businesses to the region and encourage growth, sharing of services, and connections with other river communities.
Environmental Advocacy
  • Rivers open the door to the exploration of nature and provide a better understanding of and respect for the environment.
Environmental Education
  • Rivers offer an easy and fun way to see and learn more about wildlife and nature.
Outdoor Recreation
  • Rivers offer family-oriented recreation that helps improve health and wellness.
River Safety
  • Rivers are wild natural resources and must be enjoyed safely and with respect.

2022 - 2026 Strategic Plan

You can download our strategic plan here.